Dolling is still around

original doll by Daenelia

Dolling really is still around. Making little pixel art dolls started years ago, when the internet was young. Lately it may seem as if there are not many dollers left. But there are. Manor Pixel Dolls intends to highlight all the dolls still being made.

Manor Pixel Dolls started as Manor El’Dae in the early 2000s. The site has always aimed to spread the joy of making dolls, regardless of technique used. Stick around, and discover that making your own dolls is a fun thing to do.

As for me, you can find me at my personal website in English at My dolls site is Daelusion, you can find me at deviantArt as Daenerys (still), the same username I have on Glam! I am also a member at The Catwalk as Daenelia.

If you’re Dutch you might find my filmblog interesting at Films Gezien.  And at Tuxedo Cat you can find my Dutch blog, about … well, I still don’t know, really.

I have been making pixel art dolls since around 2000. I was a member of The Dollery, Pixelbee, The Gathering and a handful of other (forgotten) forums and sites. Pixel art dolls have evolved since then, and I am curious where the art form or hobby is off to.

If you have a computer or tablet, and a graphics program of sorts, you could find that dolling is your kind of hobby too. It may take some practice, but there are lots of tutorials still avaiable. Join some of the active dolling forums or find a group on dA that suits you, and off you go! You will be making pixel art dolls or tooled dolls before you know it.

  Doll by Daenelia, on a base by Daenelia

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