What is this site?

Pixel dolls in different posesManor Pixel Dolls is a site dedicated to pixel art dolls: little (or slightly bigger) representations of people or fantasy characters. You can find them on deviantArt in the Customization: digital dolls section. There are many individual sites of dollers who show off their work.

The goal of Manor Pixel Dolls is to help those who want to make pixel dolls, to find the resources they need and the tutorials to help them.

How does this site work?

It’s simple. At the moment there is just a lot to read about pixel dolls. There are still plenty of tutorials for us to upload, and other resources to link to. You can browse the site by using the menu, the categories or use the search option.

This site is bilingual: you can view the site in both English and Dutch.

What can I do here?

juli_amie_daepr24-022011You can read the articles and leave comments or questions. If you are a doller and want to help out, just leave a comment on the appropriate article.

You can also use the dollmakers to assemble a doll. Remember to read the rules on each dollmaker and give credit if asked.

How can I join?

At the moment we have closed registration. But if you have some time and some ideas, feel free to leave a comment somewhere offering help. If we need help, we can create an account for you.

How do I leave a comment?

quinqui_dae_steampunk2_may2011Under each article there is an option to leave a comment. You need to fill in a name (nickname or name under which you make dolls) and an email address. We will not use this email to send you spam: it is there to verify that you’re not a bot. It also gives us a means to get back to you privately if you have specific questions.

Base credits top to bottom: Daenelia, Julies Dolls, Q * Pixels. Dolls made by Daenelia.