What's happening on Manor Pixel Dolls

It’s been a while since I actively worked on Manor Pixel Dolls. But recently I found some time on my hands and an urge to do something about the Manor. So I have gone ahead and made some changes and updates to the site so far.

First of all, Blu, the other editor, has done some work on editing the English text on some of the articles, so thank you to Blu!

juli_amie_daepr24-022011There is now a basic list with links to the dollmakers from the old Manor site. These are old, and need updating, but I also included a link to a recent and unfinished dollmaker ZsuZsu (Thanks to Naomi!). These dollmakers work in Firefox and IE, as far as I know, but not on tablets.

To accompany this list, I republished and article on dollmakers and the history of building your own doll. If you want to know how making pixel dolls got started, this is a good place.

And then there is the new layout I picked. This is a fairly straightforward layout which I hope will work for the site.

Things that still need to be done are:

  • Create new header images for the posts;
  • Make the dollmaker page fancier;
  • Publish pages with information for new dollers/young dollers, and parents.

If you have ideas for Manor Pixel Dolls, please do leave a comment. I look forward to reading them!







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