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Pixel art doll by Daenelia

Our goal is to create a website that discusses and celebrates dolling. Whether you just doll as a hobby, or because you want to improve on some art skills, this is the place where all dollers are welcome.



You can find Daenelia’s website at Daelusion. Daenelia can be contacted


You can find Blu’s website at: Blu Pen (on hiatus). At the moment, Blu is on hiatus from Manor Pixel Dolls as well.

Age rating 12+

Dolling is a hobby that can be picked up quite young. However, this website is aimed at 12 and older. That does not mean that under 12 year olds can’t visit the site, but should do so with supervision. Parents or the adults who are responsible should be on hand to guide under 12’s to use the internet safely.

About copyright

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We use links to credit dolls and basemakers where possible.

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