September: Finish that WIP

September is a month that’s busy for most people. It’s getting back to school, or university, or settling in after the holiday period, with only Christmas to look forward to. This September I intend to finish at least 5 Work in Progress dolls that have been sitting on my harddrive for years, in some cases. I expect to have some time in September, because I will be puppysitting our new dog, hopefully. But even if that is not the case, I want to finish these dolls. So here they are.


Bases from left to right: Wayuki, mine, Xena/the dollery (no longer active), Pyrochan/Fiona and Izzie/shady nook. You can tell some of them have been collecting dust for a while, because there are hardly any die-hard, super-active dollers among the basemakers.

Anyway, if you have a folder full of WIPs, why not join me in September and start finishing those WIPs!


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